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Many people want to lose weight for esthetic reasons but excess weight has been linked to many health conditions ranging from diabetes to heart attacks. With so many reasons to lose weight people are searching for programs and plans to help them lose the weight. With so many choices when it comes to diet plans it can be very difficult for a person to choose a diet plan that works and fits in with their lifestyle. We have gathered information and reviewed the different do it yourself diet plan services to provide everything needed to make an informed decision about how to lose weight and improve your health.

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    eDiets Review

    Overall, eDiets is currently one of the most comprehensive dieting websites available providing detailed customized diet plans.

    eDiets Review

Do It Yourself Dieting

Although, enlisting the services of an weight loss company is the easiest and most surefire way to lose weight, the majority of what is included in their services can be performed by an individual as well. We have compiled a list of articles and resources to provide all the information needed to lose weight yourself without the use of weight loss or dieting service.

  • 8 Tips On Selecting Healthy Foods

    Most individuals on diets tend to graviate towards any food labeled as "lite" or "low fat," but the reality is that many diet foods are deceiving...

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  • How to Choose a Diet Plan

    Choosing the correct diet plan is crucial to any individual looking to lose weight. A plan that restricts too many carbohydrates, for instance, could cause dizziness, fatigue, constipation and mental confusion.

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  • How To Choose A Diet To Improve Your Mood

    Most individuals do not have to take Prozac in order to lift their spirits. In fact, many naturally derived foods contain beneficial chemical compounds that can raise the...

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